Who are we?


Information Center EuropeDirect Čakovec (EDIC Čakovec) began its work in September 2014 in the offices of former officer’s home on the Republic Square in Čakovec.

Edic Čakovec is part oft he network of Information Centers Europe Direct which is one of the main resources of the European Union to inform European citizens and promote citizen participation at local and regional level.

The purpose the Information Center Europe Direct Čakovec is to make information easily accessed and available as well as to enable citizens to express and exchange views on all areas oft he US, particularly those that affect the daily lives of people. The Center complements and supports the work of missions ott he European Comission and the European Parliament Information Office at the local and regional level.

Edic Čakovec provied information and support to everyone: children, schools, entrepreneurs, students, pensioners, and all institutions in he region.

The Center may also organize various wrkshops, seminars, and other events.